The Counting Continues

Elections, Equitable Funding, Fair Tax, Property Taxes | 11/04/2020

Mimi Rodman
PAC Chairperson

As the votes continue to be counted since polls closed last night, it’s inspiring to see the power of our democracy. Millions and millions of votes were cast here in Illinois and across the country, during an awful pandemic, and the margins in many places are razor thin.

No matter the vote margin, from President all the way down the ballot, it is imperative that we count every vote. It’s okay that we don’t know the winner in some contests – even in contests where Stand endorsed a candidate!

That said, Stand-endorsed candidates had a solid night overall. Of our 21 endorsed education champions, it appears that 18 are either projected to win or very likely to win once the votes are counted.

Voters rejected the constitutional amendment for a progressive income tax. That means the Illinois flat tax structure remains in place; therefore, any increases to our state income tax rate which may come down the pike will apply to all taxpayers. We as a State already rely too much on funding schools through local property taxes and are facing enormous debt on pensions that must be protected. We find ourselves in a deeply concerning situation when it comes to fully funding schools and closing the equity gap.

We continue to monitor returns and will update our website accordingly as winners become even clearer.

In the meantime, I encourage you to be patient as votes are counted in the Prairie State and across the country. Each voice matters, but it can only make a difference if each and every vote is counted.


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