Tommorrow Snyder
Community Organizer, Lead Program Facilitator

Tommorrow leads Stand’s family engagement and community organizing in Chicago.

This spring, we asked Chicago Stand supporters what education issues they care about most. Of course, a few jumped to mind for us after our conversations with voters over the winter during our canvassing efforts in South Side neighborhoods. Things like increasing career and technical education programs; access to high-quality pre-K and enriching summer programs; and stronger, safer neighborhood schools.

So what priority issues did Chicagoans highlight?

Leticia focused on boosting parent mentors, bilingual education, and special education.

Peggy said schools need more social workers, before and after-school care programs, and smaller class sizes.

Two residents said Chicago needs more high-quality neighborhood high schools.

Another mentioned the importance of continuing the district’s academic progress, while also working with the state for adequate school funding.

Echoing the preferences of voters we spoke with, still others focused on high-quality summer learning and internship opportunities for Chicago teens. Normandy, James, and Ermetra named one big issue: vocational training. And Keith focused on “fully-funded neighborhood schools that serve as safe spaces for students and families and vibrant neighborhood centers.”

All wonderful ideas, and all ideas that would help position Chicago students and families for more success!

We’re excited to share these ideas with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office this summer. Everyone who cares about public schools in our city has skin in the game, and we want to ensure these ideas are part of the conversation to improve Chicago’s schools.

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