Build a Solid Foundation

Civic Action, Equitable Funding | 05/01/2021

Scott McDonald
Marketing & Communications Director

State education funding helps schools plan for the future. It allows them to move with more certainty as they provide the resources students need to succeed in the classroom.

But last year, the State budget gave Illinois schools flat-funding due to the pandemic’s impact. That pause led to uncertainty for school districts, who look to the State for reliable funding year after year.

We know COVID-19 had a huge impact on everything. Now, as schools and the broader economy are stirring to life, it’s time to recommit ourselves to the goal of boosting sustainable school funding. We must do that work in the most equitable way possible, sending new dollars to the districts that need them most.

Together, let’s tell Springfield to look to the future and build a solid school funding foundation.

The time is now to dedicate ourselves to the future of Illinois. That future lies in our students, and we must provide them with the resources they need to get the education they deserve. By acting now, we will continue building a solid school funding foundation for our state.

Join me and add your voice. Tell Springfield to invest in our future and boost education funding in the upcoming budget.

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