Both of Them Had Hamsters

Educators, Connection Conversations | 01/18/2020

Caitlin Stone
Teacher Team Leader

As a preschool teacher, I’ve found that it’s hugely important to get to know the families of the students in my classroom. You get a much deeper understanding of all the things that make up who they are.

The Home Visit Connection program brings families and teachers together so we can get to know each other as people first, outside of a classroom setting, and establish a foundation built on trust. I’m in my second year as an HVC teacher, and participating in this program is one of the best things I’ve done in my career. Not only do I get to spend quality time talking with students and their families, but I oftentimes get to meet their pets, see their toys, and everything else a preschooler is proud to show off!

It’s so rewarding to see my students’ growth over the course of a school year. Better yet, I love having those conversations with families, in their own homes, to talk about their child’s future and reflect on the growth they’ve already achieved. Families play a huge role in that growth, and hearing from their teacher, on their couch, makes it even more special.

As Desirae said earlier this week, the Home Visit Connection allows teachers like us to build those relationships that are at the center of achievement for any student. Once we focus on that, then we can work on things like academics and school work.

So whether I meet two students’ hamsters or see their most cherished blanket, I know that visits like these are paving a path to a great family relationship and future success in the classroom. And that’s what the Home Visit Connection is all about.

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