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Equitable Funding, Fair Tax, Legislation | 05/16/2019

Aimee Galvin
Policy & Government Affairs Manager

Aimee weaves data and research together to show the social, political, and economic impact of policy.

Illinoisans live with the double-edged sword of inequitable taxes and inequitably funded schools. It might not be easy, but it is something we can fix.

One thing that our state can do to stop both problems is to adopt the fair tax plan. Sustainable revenue sources for education are critical, and the fair tax is a bold solution that would do just that for Illinois schools.

Tell Springfield to stand up for Illinois schools and pass the fair tax now.

Another bold solution that Stand proposes is called the “equity boost.” This creative idea would immediately move Illinois over $230 million closer to funding adequacy without costing the state any money.

Not only that, but Illinois can accelerate equity even further. The equity boost would fix the other alarming education funding inequity in Illinois that remains: state government picks up the teacher pension normal costs for school districts that have greater local property wealth at a much higher level than it does for poorer districts.

We can fix this inequity with the equity boost. And we can secure sustainable revenue for education through the fair tax.

Act now and tell your representative to support sustainable funding for Illinois schools through the fair tax.

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