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Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 09/04/2018

Joy Murphy
Community Organizer

With strong ties to the Roseland & Englewood communities, Joy dedicates her time to issues that matter most to her.

Today marks the beginning of another new school year here in Chicago for most CPS students. New backpacks, new outfits, new classrooms. It’s really the start of a new journey with wide-open horizons.

My son is out of school now, but I still remember those first days of the school year. Dropping him off at school, but still in the back of my mind having all of those hopes, dreams, and goals for what he would learn and become that year. I still have those same hopes, dreams, and goals for him – maybe not “learn to spell his name properly,” but you get the idea!

Parents all over the city have different hopes, dreams, and goals for their children. And at the start of a new school year, those lists are morphing as children get older and grow into new passions.

Take Tommorrow, one of our team captains here at Stand. Tommorrow’s daughter is in high school, and she wants her to learn a new skill that could help her in the future: “I would love for my daughter to learn more about coding,” said Tomorrow, “because I believe that her future goals require her to have an adequate background in coding!” A new skill for a future goal – that’s a great new school year goal.

How about Keith, another team captain at Stand. His goal is more personal; he wants to create a Parent Power Club to unite parents and teachers to support children’s goals. “This would also be a time to create bonds between teachers and parents, working together for their child or children’s personal achievement goals,” said Keith. Parents and teachers pulling for the goals of their students – another great new school year goal.

Kimberly, a Stand parent and chairperson of her school’s Local School Council, has goals for her children, whose ages range from 10th grade to 15 months. Regardless of age, Kimberly’s hopes include, “maximize their full potential, tackle every task accurately, maintain good grades, focus on their strengths but improve their weaknesses, and completion of the school year successfully.” Those are goals any parent would want for their child at the start of a new school year!

It doesn’t matter the child’s age. All parents have these types of hopes, dreams, and goals for their children at the start of a new school year.

What are yours for your child this school year? Share them with us, and we will share some of your goals on our social media pages.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful school year for all CPS kids!

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