Naa Price
Stand for Children Member

Naa is a Chicago parent and education advocate.

We’re speeding toward May 20, aren’t we, friends? On that historic day, Mayor-elect Lightfoot will be inaugurated as Chicago’s next mayor!

Before we get there, we need to make sure we’re all on the same page and working toward the same goals. And that means letting her know about the education issues that real Chicagoans like us care about.

By signing this call-to-action welcome card, you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with Chicago families who make education a priority.

I met a bunch of those folks when I was part of Stand’s canvassing efforts on the South Side this winter. Going door to door and talking with parents and community members, I heard their concerns and hopes for the next mayor.

They want education to be a focus, and they want good opportunities for their kids and communities.

But I’ll tell you what, friends, they highlighted these big issues.

  • High-quality pre-K and enriching summer experiences so students enter school ready to learn and succeed
  • Fully-funded neighborhood schools that serve as safe spaces for students and families and vibrant neighborhood centers
  • Vocational and technical education programs that train young people to become the next generation of well-paid, skilled workers

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to hear them! Go add your name to the welcome card and share your priorities for education in Chicago.

With all our voices, we can work together to make Chicago schools safe and enriching for all students.

P.S.: As part of her transition, Mayor-elect Lightfoot and her team are seeking input on the education initiatives that will ensure success for all Chicago kids. You can share your voice by taking the survey and encouraging others to do so, too.

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