“...And They’re Back!”

Civic Action, Equitable Funding | 05/16/2020

Jessica Handy
Government Affairs Director

I never thought I’d be attempting to sub in as a teacher. I’m not, really, but COVID-19 has added that title to my resume whether I like it or not.

Teachers do amazing work every day – I’ve seen that with my own eyes as a mom and in this shift to remote learning. I thought I knew how important great teachers and technology access and stable internet were in the best of times, but this pandemic has clubbed me over the head with that message every day.

The good news is that many districts across Illinois used evidence-based funding from the State to invest in great teachers and technology. Without both of those, I shudder to think what schools might look like now.

Evidence-based funding works. We need to make sure it continues. Our leaders will gather in Springfield next week to finalize a State budget. It’s more important than ever to provide schools with the resources they need to educate students in this new environment.

Education has changed in the last few months, but the need is more pressing than ever. Students are learning at home, some with the latest technology and some with paper packets. That gap in resources, in the year 2020 no less, is something that evidence-based funding is helping to close.

As our elected officials reconvene in Springfield, let’s make sure they hear that message loud and clear. Evidence-based funding works, and now is the time for the State to provide schools with the resources they need to educate kids in the COVID-19 era.

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