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Educators, About Us | 05/11/2018

Aimee Galvin
Policy & Government Affairs Manager

Aimee weaves data and research together to show the social, political, and economic impact of policy.

Of all the teachers I had, Ms. Glenda Smith was the one who set me on my life-long love of history and government. There weren’t many politics and history nerds at my public high school, but Ms. Smith pushed me to explore these topics in depth.

I loved it. In Ms. Smith’s class, we were encouraged to think critically and ask questions to our nation’s history. She taught us to use the lessons of the past to guide us in the present.

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I wish every student could have a teacher as thoughtful and engaging as Ms. Smith. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we honor teachers like Ms. Smith and all teachers who push our students to be their best.

Ms. Smith believed in life-long learning and challenged us to always be learning something new. I try to live by those words as best I can, diving into new policy areas for work and other interesting history and government topics during my free time. I know plenty of others do as well.

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