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Civic Action, Family & Educator Partnerships, Stand As One | 11/28/2019

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

This week, Aranda, Jessica, and Tommorrow shared why they stand for Chicago Regional Organizing for Antiracism, Helping Hands of Springfield, and My Block My Hood My City. At a time when the world seems particularly crazy, we are inspired by these non-profits. Please take time to get to know them and, if you can, make a donation.

Their stories and today’s note are part of our annual Week of Gratitude, where we highlight organizations we appreciate personally and professionally.

As we close out this series, I would like to share a photo taken this month at one of our Stand as One retreats. Stand as One is a family engagement program we host in partnership with neighborhood schools.

There are so many stories in this photo. The stories of parents committed to building their resilience and capacity – after all, you cannot help your children unless you can hold up yourself. The outreach from the parent who took two buses to join us. The commitment of the school leader who gave her time on a weekend. The support from the parent facilitators, who give so much of themselves and find strength in doing so.

I am so grateful to all who make these stories possible.

Thank you to Stand’s parent and educator leaders, including Keith, Phyllis, Kimmie, Albert, Caitlin, and Desirae. A warm welcome to our 2020 Class of Policy Fellows who will be joining us in a few weeks. Deep gratitude to the staff of Stand Illinois -- Scott, Aimee, Krystal, Aranda, Jessica, and Tommorrow -- and to the Stand alum and volunteers who continue to fight for educational equity. A standing ovation to every donor; we understand this is a partnership and treasure your support.

Before you turn to the holiday, please take one more look at the photo. If you can imagine yourself in it in any way – as a participant, supporter, or volunteer – let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS: We are thrilled to accept your online donations but there are many other ways to give. Thank you!

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