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Quality Schools, Family & Educator Partnerships, About Us | 06/04/2019

Aranda Stathers
Development and State Operations Coordinator

Aranda plays an integral role in all areas of Stand’s work, from development to operations and program support.

Memorial Day. June 1. The end of session in Springfield.

Whatever you use as your unofficial “start of summer” measuring stick, we’ve probably reached it. Warmer weather is finally here, and as we pivot to a new season it’s time to pivot our mindset.

This winter and spring were filled with work to improve the educations of all Illinois students. Together, we advocated for increased school funding, streamlined career and technical education programs, and a boost to the teacher minimum salary.

Not only that, we reached out and spoke with voters across Chicago. We heard their education priorities, and we will use that input as we work with Mayor Lightfoot’s administration.

All great successes, but with the end of the school year approaching, now is the time to pivot to parent and family engagement work. Parent-teacher home visits. Resilience and well-being retreats. And putting a plug in summer brain drain.

We can’t do this vital work without your support, friends. You stood by us this year as we advocated together. Will you chip in $25 today to support this vital work in the community?

Thanks for standing up for children this year and thank you for standing with us as we take aim at the next challenges and opportunities. The work we do together is only possible through the generosity of supporters like you.

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