This Spoke to Me as a Father

Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 12/30/2018

Keith Wilson
Stand As One Facilitator and Parent Member

Keith is a Chicago parent, Stand member, and helps with facilitation of Stand as One retreats.

The definition of “Stand” means to remain stable, upright, or intact. As a father, that spoke to me: I must remain stable, upright, and intact to support my children as they navigate through life.

I‘ve been involved in my kids’ educations their whole lives, but it wasn’t until I met Stand for Children that I realized my power as an advocate.

And now, as a leader of Stand’s resilience and well-being program, I can honestly say that Stand has changed my life, and given more meaning and direction to my role as a dad.

Will you stand with parents like me and make a tax-deductible gift to Stand for Children today?

$25 can support a family engagement event.

$50 can help sponsor a parent or teacher attending Stand’s resilience and well-being retreats.

$250 can sponsor a semester of building stronger relationships between teachers-and-parents through home visits.

Show that you believe our children deserve safer learning environments by making your gift today.

Being a part of my children’s education gives me insight into their lives and struggles.  I’m so grateful for Stand and how they partner directly with parents to unlock the power and potential inside all of us, inspiring us to be advocates for quality schools. I wish every parent could be involved in their kids’ educations like I am. With your help, they can.

I always say that we are all like palm trees: we bend no matter what type of hurricane life throws our way, but we never break. That is truly what our work is about, to untap that resilience inside all of us.

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