What I Love About My Job

Early Childhood Literacy, Educators | 09/23/2018

Maddie Magad-Weiss
Teacher, Rowe Elementary School

Ms. Magad-Weiss teaches fourth graders in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago.

You know what one of the best things about being a teacher is?

When one of my students hits a roadblock in their learning, they have a choice: they can give up or keep trying.

I love it when they persevere. The look on their face when they "get it" is why I love my job.

I saw moments just like that this summer during Stand for Children’s Every Child Reads program. This summer, students at a variety of grade levels worked diligently to read a variety of challenging texts, on a multitude of different topics. Some students ran into words they didn’t recognize, or sentences that were tough to decipher. But they kept working at it and, ultimately, became better readers for it.

We need to celebrate successes like this! Will you contribute $10 today to provide one book for a future ECR student?

Throughout the summer, Every Child Reads gave an assortment of books to every student. I loved seeing the smiles on their faces as they added to their personal libraries.

Working on this summer program with Stand for Children was inspiring, but they work every day to increase kids’ access to books and programs that will boost their reading skills. As a teacher, it’s great to know that groups like Stand are working to boost literacy for students like mine. It makes a huge difference in the classroom, and in life.

Will you pay it forward and provide the gift of literacy to a future student? Your tax-deductible gift of $10 provides one book for an ECR student.

An extra special thanks to Exelon for generously sponsoring this program!

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