Stand Thanks Leaders for Historic Funding Reform

Equitable Funding, Legislation | 08/31/2017

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

Stand for Children Thanks Leaders for Historic School Funding Reform

Asks Lawmakers to Ensure Bill Signing is Only the Start of Historic Progress

Today is a historic moment for the state of Illinois with the Governor’s signing of education funding reform that has been negotiated and worked on for many years. Stand for Children is privileged to have been a part of these negotiations and has been proud to work side-by-side with lawmakers, educators, parents, and advocates across the state in the tireless battle to see this new law become a reality.

“While today is historic and an important moment to celebrate, we must not let this bill signing be the end of the story or the end of the progress we’ve made on education funding reform,” said Mimi Rodman, Executive Director of Stand for Children Illinois. “The signing of this bill should be a call to action: school funding must be equitable, adequate, and, equally important, spent wisely during the implementation of this bill over the next many years. That is the next chapter and the challenge facing us moving forward. We must ensure our schools are safe, teachers are supported, and parents are engaged. We as a state must stay unified and focused on giving every child the resources and support they need to be successful.”

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