We Vote.

Current Events & News, Elections, Who We Are | 11/08/2016

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

As Executive Director, Mimi guides the strategy and policy work at Stand for Children Illinois.

Today is the day. All of the political commercials, debates, mailers, and bumper stickers have brought us to Election Day, when our voices are heard at the polls.

Whether you support Candidate A or Candidate B, the important thing is to participate in our democracy with your vote. Many folks have already voted early (I’m one of them!), but for many others, today is when they will cast their ballots. If you plan to vote today, find your polling location and know how you will get there. If you have already voted, remind your family and friends by sharing this blog post with them.

Every voice matters and every vote counts. At Stand for Children, we support candidates who put Illinois students first. I hope you will do the same.

We Show Up. We Speak Up. We Reach Out. And especially on days like today, We Vote.

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