Fulfilling the Pledge: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Attendance, Family & Educator Partnerships | 11/03/2016

Juan Jose Gonzalez
Chicago Director

Juan Jose manages all policy and organizing aspects of Stand Illinois' education advocacy in Chicago.

We are coming up on an important moment in the school year, one that can truly make a difference in our children’s academic success...the parent-teacher conference that takes place on Report Card Pick-Up Day.

Even if you are in regular contact with teachers through email or checking parent portals, there's no substitute for a face-to-face conversation with the educators who spend a lot of quality time with your children each week.

Many of you have joined “I Pledge 5” and are playing a critical role in making sure your children are ready for college and career. If you signed the pledge, you know that the 5th step in the path to success is "to come to Report Card pickup in November.”

When there is frequent teacher-family communication and student engagement, great things happen:

  • Students are more likely to complete homework;
  • Students tend to be able to better focus on classroom work; and
  • Students usually participate more in class.

Research also shows that frequent communication between teachers and families helps strengthen the teacher-student relationship, helps parents get more involved, and increases student motivation -- dynamics that lead to more positive outcomes.

I want you to be prepared for Parent-Teacher Conferences by downloading a Parent Worksheet that helps you prepare the right questions and information to exchange with your child’s teacher.

If you haven’t already, take the Pledge, then, make sure you know the date and time of Report Card Pickup by visiting the CPS District Calendar or asking your local school. 

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