Good Attendance is Built on Habit

Family & Educator Partnerships, Attendance | 08/31/2016

Juan Jose Gonzalez
Chicago Director

Juan Jose manages all policy and organizing aspects of Stand Illinois' education advocacy in Chicago.

It’s not easy, but getting your child to school on time, every day will help them learn that attendance is important and builds habits that will benefit them throughout school, college, and career.

Here are some quick tips to help you encourage your child to attend school every day! For more tips and facts check out our Attendance Campaign Resource Page.

  1. Enthusiasm is a BIG boost to success – Talk about it, sing about it, make it an adventure!
  2. Set a regular bed time and morning routine – Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before to make it easier to get out the door on time.
  3. Develop back-up plans for getting to school if something comes up – Ask family members, neighbors, and friends to lend a hand if you need help dropping off or picking up.

Habits are hard to break, so make sure you’re starting the school year off with good ones! Sign the pledge and put your child on the path to a bright future.

Bonus tip: Share ideas with other parents for getting to school on time, every day. Start by heading to Facebook and using the hashtag #Pledge5IL!


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