I Was Nervous, Are You?

Attendance, Family & Educator Partnerships | 08/24/2016

Marquita Banks
Stand Parent

Marquita is a graduate of Stand UP and the Chair of her Local School Council.

The beginning of a school year is exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, scary…and we’re not even talking about how the kids feel!  

Are you ready?

I am, and my four children who attend Holmes Elementary School in Englewood are too. But I wasn’t always ready. Earlier this summer, I was nervous that school wouldn’t start on time because of funding problems. The news was bad, and it got me angry thinking that it might keep my children out of school.

But instead of sitting on the sidelines, I got involved. That’s why earlier today I delivered testimony to the Chicago Board of Education, telling them about the importance of strong school attendance and how we as parents can help put them on track to a bright future.

You are your child’s first teacher and play a critical role in making sure your child is ready for college and career, even if they are young. There are five simple, proven steps you can do as a parent or guardian this school year that will put your child on the path to success; I call it “I Pledge 5.”

Yes, I will pledge 5 because I know I am my child’s first teacher and have the power to put my child on the path to a bright future. Don't have school-age children? Pass these steps along to the parents you know!

  1. I pledge my child will attend the first day of school.
  2. I pledge my child will be in school and on time every day.
  3. I pledge I will connect with my child’s teacher(s) and exchange contact information.
  4. I pledge to create morning and evening routines.
  5. I pledge to come to Report Card pickup in November.

I took the pledge – will you join me?

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