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Elections, About Us | 08/19/2016

Sam Royall and Frank Sierra
Summer Interns

Sam and Frank will continue their studies at University of Chicago after completing their internship with Stand.

Our time as interns here at Stand for Children Illinois has taught us a number of things. We’ve learned about the Local School Council system here in Chicago, gotten a good perspective on the fight for fair school funding in Illinois, and learned some of the ins and outs of the political process along the way.

But one of the most important lessons we’ve picked up during our time here is the huge impact that dedicated parents and community members can have. They canvass, call their legislators, sign petitions. And they vote.

As college students, this November will be the first presidential election when either of us will vote. That excitement of having our voices heard up and down the ballot is empowering. And it’s also crucial that other community members do the same thing.

We’re registered to vote for the first time and encourage anyone who stands for a quality education for ALL students to make your voice heard this election.

In order to secure strong policy victories for Illinois kids, we need to vote this November for Education Champions in legislative races across the state. Only then, will we realize strong outcomes for students like a long-term school funding solution.

Take a few seconds to add your name and get registered!

Working together and electing education champions is what Stand for Children advocates do each election year. To them, our motto of “We Show Up. We Speak Up. We Reach Out. We Vote.” is more than a motto – it’s a way of life. We hope it is for you, too.

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