What "CPS Bailout"???

Legislation, Equitable Funding | 06/29/2016

Scott McDonald
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Scott manages the public-facing aspects of Stand Illinois’ work across several platforms and multiple audiences.

What "CPS Bailout"??? Politico Highlights Stand Analysis of Funding Proposal

Despite all of the divisive rhetoric used to characterize Illinois Dem education funding proposals as a "CPS bailout", an analysis by Stand for Children Illinois of the most recent proposal by Illinois Senate Democrats (SB2054) shows this is anything but a bailout given that school districts throughout Illinois fare far better in new per-pupil spending than CPS.

The top 10 biggest per pupil gains in an education funding proposal (SB2054) range from the far south Cairo, to the Metro-East-area Venice, to Fairmont in collar counties and Dolton in suburban Cook County. These numbers from a Stand analysis of the bill were highlighted this morning in Politico.

Aside from the top 10 per pupil gains, the top 50 increases go to downstate urban districts like Decatur and Peoria, rural districts like Mt. Vernon and Centralia, suburban districts like Yorkville and Proviso. Coming in at #50? Chicago.

Stand’s analysis corrects the misconception that SB2054 is a “Chicago bailout”as the district’s increase of $816 per pupil ranks behind 49 other districts from all parts of the state. See the complete analysis here.

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