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Legislation, Equitable Funding | 04/06/2016

Jessica Handy
Government Affairs Director

Jessica advocates at the state capitol for fair school funding and equitable education policies.

Big news on the school funding reform front! SB231 was filed in the state Senate earlier today and is expected to be called for a vote very soon. After literally three years of advocacy around this issue, SB231 is the best chance we have to see major funding reform happen this year.

I know we’ve already told you that Illinois has the most unfair school funding system in the entire country. And I know we’re preaching to the choir when we tell you how critical it is that we fix our broken system that has resulted in the largest funding gap in the nation between high- and low-income districts. Finally, I know you see these disparities first-hand as across Illinois, today a low-income student receives 81 cents for every dollar that is spent to educate a student with less need.

We need your voice, right now, to move this bill forward. Join us and contact your Senator TODAY and urge them to support SB231. The time is now for our legislators to hear from us!

Illinois children have waited far too long for fair school funding. We cannot let another year slip through our fingers before this system is fixed.

SB231, strongly supported by the Better Funding for Better Schools coalition, will dramatically reshape how our state funds our schools.

We will keep you posted as SB231 winds its way through the Senate.

Don’t wait to contact your state Senator! Please take a minute to send a quick email to your senator in support of SB231.

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