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Elections | 03/14/2016

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

Tomorrow is a banner day for our state and our organization. Election Day is always a chance to have our voices heard and participate in the political process.

It’s also a banner day for Stand for Children, our members, and education advocates across Illinois. At Stand, we show up. We speak up. We reach out. And we vote.

In order for ALL Illinois kids to have access to a quality school, we need to have education champions in Springfield who put students at the forefront of education policies.

This year, Stand for Children IL PAC endorsed candidates in eight primary races. If you live in one of these districts, I encourage you to learn about the candidates and support them with your vote.

Even if you don’t live in one of the districts where we endorsed a candidate, it is still vital that you vote. We all need to have our voices heard in the political process. We all need to stand up for education champions, regardless of where we live.

Make your plan to vote tomorrow. Bring your friends and family. This is how we drive positive change in our communities, with likeminded education supporters voting for candidates who support quality schools.


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