Cullerton Sounds Call to Fix School Funding

Legislation, Equitable Funding | 01/25/2016

Scott McDonald
Regional Digital Strategist

Scott manages digital communications strategy and implementation for Stand Illinois and Oregon.

“It’s time to turn around the way Illinois funds education and its children’s futures,” wrote John Cullerton, Illinois’ Senate President, in an op-ed posted this weekend by the Freeport Journal Standard. “We need a formula that levels the playing field and drives dollars to the students who need them the most.”

President Cullerton’s words sound the call to improve Illinois’ unfair education funding system, a task that Stand for Children has worked to see completed these past few years. The numbers are so stark in many cases, it’s tough not to see why Illinois needs to fix the funding system in the worst way.

President Cullerton also raised the issue at a City Club of Chicago speech earlier today, noting that, “The strength of our public schools is vital for the civic, economic, and social strength of our state. Unfortunately, our state isn’t doing so well.”

He continued, “The performance gap that divides our rich and poor students, as well as our students of color, ranks among the worst in the nation.”

What Illinois needs is pretty simple, and President Cullerton has just the answer: “a single, straightforward model with less bureaucracy and no more special deals for some districts; more state resources to students who need extra support because of poverty, special learning needs and language barriers; and consideration of a district’s ability to support local schools with local money.”

Add your voice to those of other Illinoisans by contacting your state senator today and urging them to support the Better Funding for Better Schools campaign. The Senate plans to vote on this bill later this week, so by acting now you will make the most impact at the most strategic time!

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