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Equitable Funding | 01/22/2016

Jessica Handy
Government Affairs Director

Jessica advocates at the state capitol for fair school funding and equitable education policies.

Here’s the reality, Illinois has the most unfair education funding system in the country.

Over the past few years – and definitely over the past month – we have been talking a lot about Illinois’ state funding for our schools. Why? Because our schools are in dire straits.

Our children simply can’t wait any longer for our legislative leaders to fix the unfair way they decide which school gets what money, and next week we have a chance to fix things.

The Illinois State Senate is taking up for a vote the Better Funding for Better Schools campaign, and if we generate enough public pressure, we can convince our legislators to vote yes. Will you join us?

Send an email to your state senator today, telling them to vote for Illinois’ future by fixing the unfair funding formula.

The facts are pretty simple in this debate, but they bear repeating. Our state has the most unfair education funding system in the country. Some districts spend $7,000 per pupil, while others spend upwards of $25,000! That funding disparity is driven largely by ZIP code.

We need to ensure that all Illinois students attend schools that have adequate resources so that they all have the opportunities they deserve. The solution is a simple one, and one that our state senators will have a chance to fix next week.

Tell your state senator to support funding reform by fixing Illinois’ unfair school funding system.

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