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Equitable Funding | 11/30/2015

Lisa Kulisek
Stand for Children Parent Leader

The holiday season is now officially upon us – but Illinois is still without a budget for the fiscal year that started five months ago. As a voter, I am appalled at the inaction of the elected officials responsible for the fiscal health of our state. As a parent, I worry about how my children’s education will be affected.

Tomorrow, the governor and four leaders of the General Assembly will sit and meet for the first time in months to talk about the budget. They’ve got a lot to talk about.

The State remains $6 billion out of balance and has the lowest bond rating of any other state in the nation. Our children risk being left out in the cold. And Illinois is no closer to solving the decades-long problem of inequitable funding that keeps impoverished school districts – both urban and rural – struggling to keep their doors open.

We owe it to the next generation to do our part to help fix this mess. You might be shaking your head in agreement right now, but what are you really going to do about it?

Join us for a month of action aimed at fixing Illinois school funding. Part study hall, part advocacy, we will be on Facebook and Twitter providing you with bite-sized, straightforward information about the most critical issue facing education in Illinois. If our school funding isn’t fixed smartly or sufficiently, every classroom and every student throughout Illinois suffers.

It’s time for parents and community members like us to be a part of the solution. Start today by following us on Facebook and changing your profile picture to this one.

Join other education activists across the state as we end 2015 on an action-driven note, pushing for an end to the Springfield stalemate in 2016.

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    Leslie Joseph

    December 9, 2015 2:46 PM