CPS Budget Cuts Claim Another Victim

Equitable Funding | 10/26/2015

Scott McDonald
Regional Digital Strategist

Scott manages digital communications strategy and implementation for Stand Illinois and Oregon.

Another day, another story about the continued fallout amid cascading budget cuts at Chicago Public Schools. Months after cuts to special education were announced, Dr. Markay Winston’s (the CPS official in charge of services for students with special needs) resignation from CPS was announced late Friday.

Dr. Winston’s departure comes as CPS is reviewing even more staff reductions for special education in the district. According to enrollment data, CPS is set to lose 52 additional aides and 16 teachers, on top of the special education cuts that were announced this summer as part of the district’s $200 million budget cut.

Further cuts to the CPS budget – let alone cuts to special education – are hard to fathom after the district has cut to the bone already. Working with our leaders in Springfield, we can make education funding here in Chicago a priority. Tell Springfield: education isn’t just another line item to be cut!

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