Stand Parent: Attacks Won’t Save CPS

Quality Schools, Equitable Funding | 07/16/2015

Scott McDonald
Regional Digital Strategist

Scott manages digital communications strategy and implementation for Stand Illinois and Oregon.

Michael Butz, a Stand for Children Illinois parent leader, had a letter to the editor published recently in the Chicago Tribune, noting that personal attacks will not do anything to help Chicago students or resolve the distressing budget situation.

Noting that the only way to reach a good outcome for Chicago’s students is to accept the sincerity to help students and fix budget gaps on all sides of the political spectrum, Butz suggested that political leaders in Chicago and Springfield come together to find a workable solution.

“CPS students are suffering as a result of funding cuts made by leaders in both Chicago and Springfield — cuts prompted by decades of poor budget decisions,” Butz wrote. “There is plenty of blame to go around, but the bottom line is that the kinds of additional cuts CPS is proposing will hurt even more students. Our leaders in Springfield have the power to help prevent that and leaders in Chicago have a duty to work with them.”

Butz concluded, “The path to a budget resolution begins with accepting the sincerity of the others. Personal attacks won’t keep one kid in school or move one student closer to college.”

Read the full text of Butz’s letter to the editor on the Tribune’s website here.

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