Tell Springfield: Protect Chicago Students!

Equitable Funding | 07/02/2015

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

Yesterday, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) outlined a plan that would cut $200 million in funding for our schools next year. This is a direct result of the Illinois budget impasse, which continues to fester. Chicago is particularly harmed, because it must pay pension costs that other schools have covered by the state. It is vital that our legislators in Springfield hear from us, their constituents and supporters of strong and fair education funding.

Will you join me in contacting our legislators and telling them to agree to a plan that protects Chicago students?

The $200 million funding cut for CPS will have a massive impact on Chicago students. About 1,400 CPS positions are said to be impacted by the funding cuts, as will professional development and training for some schools and teachers. The cuts continue, deeply impacting Chicago students.

Illinois’ education funding is woefully inadequate as it stands now; it remains in a tough spot even after the education budget passed last week. Our state legislators can’t treat education funding like any other line item that can be cut when politically expedient. And they need to recognize that the state has treated Chicago unfairly for years.

Tell Springfield that they need to make Chicago students a priority!

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