Honoring Our Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day

Educators | 05/05/2015

Scott McDonald
Regional Digital Strategist

Scott manages digital communications strategy and implementation for Stand Illinois and Oregon.

Thinking back, we all know of one or two teachers who had an outsized impact on each of our lives. It may have been the fun history teacher who made the past come alive. It may have been a science teacher who made you see the world in a new way. Or it could have been an English teacher, making words on a page dance and twirl in your imagination.

These teachers make a lasting impact on all of us, and they continue making an impact on their current students. Great teachers are supporters, mentors, advocates, and friends. They set high expectations for students, and they make what they teach relevant.

So today, on Teacher Appreciation Day, we want to say “thank you” to all teachers. We want you to know that we appreciate all the tireless work you do in and out of your classrooms every day. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, Stand created a series of videos that highlight a handful of great teachers and their thoughts on topics from challenging their students to the parent-teacher relationship.

Enjoy the first video in the series below, and stay tuned for the release of each new video each week this month.

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