Stand for Children IL PAC Endorses Emanuel for Re-election

Elections | 01/22/2015

Scott McDonald
Regional Digital Strategist

Scott manages digital communications strategy and implementation for Stand Illinois and Oregon.

CHICAGO – Today, Stand for Children Illinois – a Chicago-based education advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring every Illinois student has access to a high-quality public education – announced its endorsement of Rahm Emanuel for another term as Mayor of the City of Chicago.

“At Stand for Children Illinois, our singular focus is improving public schools, especially for our most at-risk kids,” said Mimi Rodman, Chair of Stand for Children IL PAC. “As Mayor, Rahm Emanuel has made difficult decisions necessary to improving Chicago’s public schools, and he has shown some impressive results. The CPS graduation rate last year reached a record high. More than 80 percent of last year’s high school freshmen are on track to graduate. All children have access to full-day kindergarten. Chicago now has a full school day instead of the country’s shortest. At the same time, there is far more work to do. Too many children are not getting the education they need to succeed in life. Mayor Emanuel has demonstrated the vision and determination necessary to ensuring all Chicago students receive a first-rate education. We endorse his reelection.”

Stand for Children Illinois is an independent membership organization of parents, teachers, and community leaders that believes every child deserves a high-quality public education that prepares them for college or career. Several of those grassroots supporters helped lead the endorsement process as members of Stand’s PAC advisory committee.

“The other parents and I had a lot of questions for the candidates we interviewed, including Mayor Emanuel,” said Lisa Kulisek, who has two children who attend Smyth Elementary School. "He clearly understood the challenges that our schools face. He explained why he made the decisions that he did, described his vision for continuing to improve Chicago Public Schools, and explained in detail his strategy for implementing that vision. He clearly cares about our children and their future."

“It was great to have the opportunity to ask Mayor Emanuel directly about the issues we care about,” said LaShunya Moore, whose children attend Dewey Elementary School. “He really understands what our schools are facing, and he offered solutions I agree with.”

Any mayoral candidate who qualified for the ballot in the February 2015 municipal election was eligible for consideration of endorsement. To arrive at endorsement decisions, Stand analyzed public statements, viability assessments, voting records, questionnaire responses, and in-person interviews with its PAC advisory committee, comprised of Stand members.

Stand for Children Illinois PAC supports candidates who are deeply committed to improving educational opportunities for children and who put students at the forefront of education policies. When looking for a strong candidate for office, they support candidates who believe in these tenets to building better public schools:

• Every child deserves an education system with funding equity and fairness
• Every child deserves a 21st century education
• Every child deserves an excellent teacher
• Every child deserves a high-quality public school

Stand for Children Illinois believes that every parent, regardless of income or education level, can play a fundamental role in their child’s academic success. Through programs like Stand University for Parents, they provide parents with specific strategies on how to partner effectively with their schools and how to create learning environments at home.

Parents engaged in their own children’s academic success are powerful advocates for quality public schools for all children. Stand partners with parents, particularly in underserved communities of Chicago, and with public schools of all types, to advocate for a great education system for all kids.

Finally, through their non-partisan state PAC, they support education champions – elected officials who make the best interests of students a top priority.

Stand’s grassroots base of members participates in all aspects of their work: through our family engagement programs, in helping set their policy agenda, by lobbying for smart education policies, and by participating in the endorsement process and providing support for endorsed candidates.

Download the press release as a PDF here.

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