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Elections | 09/05/2014

Mimi Rodman
Executive Director

Mimi stands for children by leading strategy development and mission delivery for Stand Illinois.

The start of a new school year brings an air of excitement, hope and responsibility.  Whether it’s meeting new teachers, learning a new schedule or embracing new subjects, going back to school can produce a bit of anxiety. It’s also a hopeful time to prepare students for their future, imagine their path to success and prepare for the hard work ahead.

Perhaps most importantly, this back-to-school time reminds us all of our own responsibilities to ensure that every child receives the education required to make it in life. Students must take their studies seriously. Teachers embrace their duty to nurture young minds to think critically and meet high academic standards.  Parents familiarize themselves with teachers, textbooks and lessons; and, they become active participants in their local school and their child’s education.

Back-to-school time also means meeting one more responsibility – one duty that is essential to ensuring we have quality public schools that prepare students for the future. Now is the time to identify and elect candidates who will put students first.

At Stand for Children Illinois, our singular focus is improving public schools, especially for our most at-risk kids. That is why we work to elect legislators who share our commitment to providing all Illinois students access to a high-quality public education. Today we’re announcing our candidate endorsements for the 2014 general election. You can see all of them here.

For that reason, Stand for Children Illinois PAC supports candidates who are deeply committed to improving educational opportunities for children. The most basic action we can take to improve education is electing legislators who share our priorities.We believe every child deserves a fair, equitably-funded education system and access to a high-quality public school with excellent teachers who provide a 21st century education. We also believe every parent – regardless of income or education level, can play a fundamental role in their child’s academic success.

We are proud to endorse these education champions and we encourage you to support them as well.  If they are in your district; please give them your vote. If they aren't, I encourage you to ask your local candidates about their record on education and keep that top of mind as you enter the voting booth. Be sure you are registered to vote (learn more here) and make sure you cast your ballot (more here).

This back-to-school time is about more than a return to class. It’s also a time to renew our commitment to do all we can to guarantee that our kids receive the education they need to succeed in life.

Please stand with candidates who will boldly and bravely stand for children.


Stand for Children Illinois PAC endorses only in contested races, and any candidate in a contested state House or Senate general election was eligible for consideration of endorsement. To arrive at endorsement decisions, Stand analyzed voting records, questionnaire responses, and candidate interviews to evaluate the candidate’s influence and conviction to its agenda. Stand membership also provided input and individual members participated in several in-person interviews. Paid for by Stand for Children Illinois PAC.

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