Stand's Statement on Speaker Madigan's Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Equitable Funding | 03/21/2014

Mary McClelland
Marketing and Communications Director

Mary helps to promote Stand’s work, build our base of support, and move us closer to achieving our mission.

Mimi Rodman, Executive Director of Stand for Children Illinois, issued this statement today in response to House Speaker Michael Madigan’s proposed constitutional amendment for a 3% surcharge on income over $1 million to fund education:

“We commend Speaker Madigan’s focus on the desperate need to increase education funding. Schools have lost almost a billion dollars in the last five years, which hurts the education that our children receive and the professionals in the classroom. However, Illinois schools need adequate funding invested effectively -- increased funding alone is not the silver bullet to improving schools.

Stand for Children supports increased early childhood education opportunities, equitable funding and accountability for public schools -- whether they are traditional or public charters, interventions for struggling schools, and continued pension reform that directs more dollars to the classroom.”

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