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Special Needs Students Set to be Hurt in CPS Budget Cuts


Chicago’s most vulnerable students are set to lose out in the ongoing Chicago Public Schools budget crunch. Facing a massive budget deficit, CPS “says it can save about $42 million by modifying services for the roughly 50,000 special needs students it serves,” according to a report in today’s Chicago Tribune.

Stand Parent: Attacks Won’t Save CPS


Michael Butz, a Stand for Children Illinois parent leader, had a letter to the editor published recently in the Chicago Tribune, noting that personal attacks will not do anything to help Chicago students or resolve the distressing budget situation.

Tell Springfield: Protect Chicago Students!


Yesterday, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) outlined a plan that would cut $200 million in funding for our schools next year. This is a direct result of the Illinois budget impasse, which continues to fester. Chicago is particularly harmed, because it must pay pension costs that other schools have covered by the state. It is vital that our legislators in Springfield hear from us, their constituents and supporters of strong and fair education funding.

Gov. and Legislators Deserve Praise for New Education Budget


Governor Bruce Rauner and the leaders of the Illinois House and Senate have enacted HB3763, the new state education budget. While the state is still falling short of fully funding our schools, this budget is still an improvement, funding general state aid to school districts at 92 percent as compared with the 87 percent this past year. It also sets aside $85 million to recoup the losses of our neediest districts.

Civil Rights Groups Highlight Ed Funding Failures


A set of reports released Monday by civil rights groups found Illinois is one of many states with inadequately and inequitably funded public schools. On the issue of funding fairness, in particular, Illinois received an “F.”

A Washington Post story summarizing the findings of the reports released by the Education Law Center and the Leadership Conference Education Fund can be found here.

PARCC Makes Changes - For the Better


I’m a little late to the party, but let me add my voice to those who have recognized PARCC for listening to feedback and improving its test. This is the first year for statewide PARCC implementation in Illinois. Like any new program or system, continual improvement is critical, and PARCC’s next round of changes – announced last week – represent important progress.

Stand’s Mid-year Update


We made some incredible strides last year in our work to ensure every child gets a quality public education. But we couldn’t have done it without our members, leaders, volunteers, and generous donors – we’re honored to stand with you. And we hope you’ll join us in celebrating an incredible year.

Check out our interactive annual report to look back on what we’ve accomplished together.

Civil Rights Groups Issue Statement Explaining Opposition to Anti-Testing Efforts


Earlier this week, a number of leading civil rights organizations issued a statement explaining their opposition to anti-testing efforts. The statement can be seen below, or here.


Civil Rights Groups: “We Oppose Anti-Testing Efforts”Participation in Assessments Critical for Expanding Educational Opportunity for All Students

For Immediate Release
May 5, 2015

Honoring Our Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day


Thinking back, we all know of one or two teachers who had an outsized impact on each of our lives. It may have been the fun history teacher who made the past come alive. It may have been a science teacher who made you see the world in a new way. Or it could have been an English teacher, making words on a page dance and twirl in your imagination.