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Stand for Children Illinois endorses candidates for office through our political action committee. A strong education system requires legislators who put the well-being of ALL children ahead of politics, ALL the time. That means studying the issues, taking hard votes, and, when necessary, challenging the status quo. Illinois needs bold, courageous education champions.

Our state’s education system has made important gains recently. Last summer, we successfully fought for a new school funding formula that starts to erase the inequities of how Illinois schools are funded and will provide an additional $350 million. We also championed the return of an additional $80 million annually to under-served classrooms. The legislative wins mark solid progress, but more work needs to be done in a state where only 30% of Illinois students graduate high school college- and career-ready.

This is an important election to select state leaders who will be impacting the future of students for generations to come. To be sure, the need is urgent for education champions who are bold, courageous leaders for all Illinois students and who make the best interests of students their top priority.

This year, we are offering an easy-to-use Voter Guide. Just type in your information and you’ll be taken to info about the Stand-endorsed candidate in your district. If Stand didn’t endorse in your district, it is still important to stay involved in the process. Voters can also make a pledge to vote in the primary election.

Stand for Children IL PAC endorses only in contested races. If a Stand-endorsed candidate is running in your district, we think they deserve your vote. Illinois needs them to help set this state on a strong path forward where all students have access to a quality public education and graduate high school ready for college or career.

At Stand, we show up, we speak up, we reach out, and we vote.

We are pleased to support these endorsed candidates in the 2018 Primary Election for the Illinois House:


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