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Elect Education Champions

Stand for Children’s mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, graduate from high school prepared for, and with access to, a college education.

We work to elect legislators who are deeply committed to improving educational opportunities for children and who put students at the forefront of education policies. We do this through our Illinois Political Action Committee (PAC), which is independent and non-partisan.

We support candidates who believe in these tenets to building better public schools:

  • Every child deserves an education system with funding equity and fairness
  • Every child deserves a 21st century education
  • Every child deserves an excellent teacher
  • Every child deserves high-quality public school options

Stand for Children IL PAC is proud to support the following education champions in the 2014 General Election:

Chris Nybo - Senate District 24

Andy Manar - Senate District 48

Laura Fine - House District 17

Christian Mitchell - House District 26

Anna Moeller - House District 43

Fred Crespo - House District 44

Deborah Conroy - House District 46

Elaine Nekritz - House District 57

Scott Drury - House District 58

Carol Sente - House District 59

Jack Franks - House District 63

Stephanie Kifowit - House District 84

Mike McAuliffe - House District 20

Margo McDermed - House District 37

Keith Wheeler - House District 50

Tom Morrison - House District 54

Barbara Wheeler - House District 64

John Anthony - House District 75

Glenn Nixon - House District 79

Ron Sandack - House District 81

Mike Unes - House District 91

Mark Batinick - House District 97

Cullen L. Cullen - House District 112

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