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Stand for Children Illinois endorses candidates for office through our nonpartisan political action committee. A strong education system requires legislators who put the well-being of ALL children ahead of partisan politics, ALL the time.

Our state’s education system has made important gains over the course of the last several years, with the help of policies setting college- and career-ready standards and providing students more opportunities to earn college credit in high school. At the same time, we have a long way to go.

The gap between what we spend for our richest and poorest school districts is the worst in the country; that is unconscionable.

This is a crucial election to select state leaders who will be impacting the future of students for generations to come. These leaders will also be setting the tone of public discourse, and we urge them to do so with dignity and as good role models. To be sure, the need is urgent for education champions who are bold, courageous leaders for all Illinois students and make the best interests of students their top priority.

Stand for Children IL PAC endorses only in contested races; that means if your legislators are running unopposed, they were not eligible for endorsement. Take a look, and if a Stand-endorsed candidate is running in your district, we urge you to vote for them. No matter what, ask your local candidates about their education priorities and keep that information top of mind when you vote.


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