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What We've Done

2011 Policy Victories

Our policy priorities for 2011 were set with the goal of the biggest possible impact for Illinois students.

Senate Bill 7

Through collaboration with the teachers unions, school management groups and community organizations we were collectively able to pass Senate Bill 7 through the General Assembly in May 2011.

This historic legislation will ensure the best teachers stay in the classroom and precious student learning time is protected by:

  • Creating a system where teacher tenure is earned based on demonstrated effectiveness according to multiple measures (not just test scores and not just classroom observation) and make performance a key criterion in teacher layoff decisions (no more “last in first out”).
  • Requiring fact-finding and public notification before a strike so that school districts and employees exhaust every avenue before school children lose valuable school time.
  • Ensuring a system of mutual consent teacher hiring in place of the harmful and disrespectful practice of forced teacher placement – moving low performing teachers from school to school – which is as damaging for excellent teachers and principals as it is for students.
  • Allowing for the extension of the school day and year in the Chicago Public Schools.

The collaborative approach to this critical issue is now seen as a national model on how interests can come together while keeping kids at the center of decision making.

House Bill 3793

  • This fall, we worked in coalition to stop HB 3793 from becoming law.  This short-sighted legislation would have tied the hands of school districts from raising their own revenue and stripped millions of dollars from our schools.  A large coalition of organizations came together from municipal governments, school management groups, teachers unions, and advocacy groups to push back on this. Stand supporters alone generated hundreds of letters into legislators in the last few days which was a key factor in this win.

Revised School Report Card

  • This year saw the successful passage of a new school report card that is clearer and will be an excellent tool for parents to understand how their school is fairing.

Stand for Children is now in the process to build and solidify a grassroots membership base that will inform our next set of policy priorities.  Our members will educate and mobilize other parents and leaders in their community in favor of an agenda that will benefit students in the classroom.  If you would like to become a member or to find out more, please contact Juan Jose Gonzalez,

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