Kimberly Payton

Stand Fellow

Kim’s motto is “each one, teach one, reach one.” She puts those words into action every day through her positive activism. She looks for opportunities that benefit the community while showing her five children that one person can make a big difference.

Kim partnered with Stand to convince Chicago Public Schools to designate a Safe Passage route for her children’s school. She personally collected over 100 petition signatures and recruited other parents to join this campaign. Seeing the toll that inequitable funding was taking on schools, she also joined the fight for fair funding which eventually led to Illinois overhauling the way state dollars are distributed.

And as if that weren’t enough, Kim is the chairperson of a Local School Council, the vice chairperson of a Parent Advisory Council, and a 2014 graduate of Stand University for Parents. She works in the home healthcare industry.

Inspired by her passion, Stand invited her to participate in our organizing fellowship. As a Stand Fellow, Kim participates in the leadership development program aimed at transforming socially conscious people like her into strong community leaders and change makers. She continues her work with the Stand as One program, co-facilitating the resilience and well-being retreats which are central to our work with parents and schools on the South Side.

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