Karen Kaye Walls

Teacher Team Leader

Karen has always had a love for learning. Karen was supported by parents who believed that a good education was just the beginning to bigger and better opportunities in life. She believes ongoing learning is so important in helping to ensure that families support their students so the next generation can be successful.

Karen has been involved with the Home Visit Connection in Chicago since the spring of 2019. She saw the opportunity to make the parental connection to help open the dialogue where students think about, talk about, and share their goals and dreams with their family. Karen remembers that along with her parents, teachers helped to mold her thinking from an early age and throughout her educational career.

Karen has worked in the Chicago Public School system since 2004. She currently works in Chicago’s Bronzeville community with kindergarten - 8th grade students in the Visual Arts Program. Karen wants to unlock the creativity and love for learning in students while strengthening support through dialogue and communication between students and their parents and/or guardians. Karen believes “quick wins” will be achieved through building mutual trust, respect, understanding and involvement of students, parents, teachers, and staff with the purpose and goals of the Home Visit Connection.

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