Albert Howard

Team Leader
Facilitator-in-Training for Stand as One

Stand for Children’s name comes from a quote by Rosa Parks, the honorary co-chair of our organization's founding rally: “If I can sit down for justice, you can stand up for children.” Ms. Parks showed the world that a quiet, peaceful act of advocacy can stir change. Albert takes inspiration from Ms. Parks, as is evidenced by his approach to parenting and the opportunities at Stand he selects. Albert has chosen to pursue an advocacy avenue of expanding Stand’s “SEL for parents” work and is one of the most active members of Stand’s field team which engages one-on-one with community members about education policy issues such as equitable funding.

When he was a child, Albert’s family was often homeless and sometimes received support services from the Department of Children and Family Services. These are formidable challenges for anyone, but Albert is determined to prove that, no matter what your station in life, you can make a difference.

He will be collaborates directly with his son’s elementary school to build a team of power parents who are positive agents of change. He is particularly interested in encouraging more fathers of color to become involved in the school. Albert is a self-taught graphic designer and directs his skills to advise Stand’s marketing materials.

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