Equitable and Adequate School Funding

Texas public schools must have adequate resources to sufficiently prepare children to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Funding formulas currently in use are complicated, difficult to understand, and often result in unequal distribution of resources. In addition, years of cuts have devastated school budgets across the state. Texas ranks near the bottom – 44th – in the amount we spend per pupil.

What we’re advocating for:

  • Real investment: a state education budget that reflects a stable and adequate investment by our state.
  • Efficiency: smart policies at the state and district level that make the best possible use of limited resources during these difficult economic times.
  • Fairness and equity: a re-evaluation of our school funding formulas to ensure dollars are distributed fairly and transparently to all districts.

An investment in our future

Education is a very real economic driver. A high school dropout can expect to make below $20,000 a year.  A college degree increases those annual earnings to over $50,000, and those who attain advanced degrees average over $70,000.   Over a lifetime, those differences are enormous. It’s clear – how well we educate our children has a profound impact on the financial health of our state. 

Coming soon: School Funding 101

Learn how school budgets are set at the state level, what that means for districts, and how money is divided and distributed. Stay tuned!

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