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Early Literacy

Reading by the end of third grade is widely acknowledged as a critical milestone for all students. It makes sense--success in later grades and other subjects all depend on a strong foundation in basic literacy skills. 

How are we doing in Colorado?

We have work to do in Colorado. 61% of Colorado students in fourth grade scored below proficient on the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading assessment. Despite passionately committed educators and a strong law-The READ Act of 2012we are not adequately preparing enough of our young readers.  

Help Us Improve Literacy Rates:

At Stand for Children Colorado we are passionately committed to ensuring that every Colorado student is proficiently reading by the time they enter 4th grade so they are set up for success throughout their education. We recently launched Read Now Colorado, a statewide effort to improve literacy rates.


Learn More: 

Learn more about our work to ensure all Colorado students are building a strong foundation in reading. 

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