Coral Evans, House District 6

Coral Evans is a social, non-profit, and public policy entrepreneur who believes in the concept of thrive-ability as it relates to individuals, neighborhoods and communities. She has over 25 years of extensive, applied experience and knowledge in the design, development, implementation, management, assessment and evaluation of initiatives and programs crafted to assist diverse populations experiencing the systemic effects of poverty. First elected to office 2008, Coral served two terms (eight years) as a Councilmember prior to her election as Mayor of the City of Flagstaff in 2016. She was re-elected Mayor in 2018. 

In her own words: 

Arizona needs to protect and increase funding for the entire ecosystem of education, from teachers, to textbooks, technology, support staff, and capital needs. Not only for our K-12 schools, but we should include Pre-K, public universities, and community colleges in the discussion as well. Until we address the funding issue nothing is going to have a substantial impact on education in Arizona. 

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