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What does a school board do?

Your voice, your school board

While your local school board is arguably the most direct and open vehicle to improving schools, few people know what a school board actually does. Here’s a quick refresher on the role school boards play to help you understand why this election season is so important.

What is a school board?

A school board implements laws passed by the state legislature and creates local policies for districts and individual schools. Board compositions vary by district (there are 178 school districts in Colorado and each one has its own school board). Usually, they are made up of five to seven members and a superintendent, whom the members select to set the vision for the district and lead its day-to-day operations. Most members serve four-year, unpaid terms. Elections are always held biannually in odd years, including this year's election.

How does a school board impact schools?

A school board is in charge of passing policies that govern what kind of schools open in our neighborhoods, how we support schools that are struggling to help kids learn, and what kind of tools teachers have to unlock a lifelong love of learning for their students. See our map below that shows the role your school board plays in your community.

Questions to ask a candidate for school board

1)    What are the top three challenges facing schools in your district? If elected, how would you address them?

2)    What is your philosophy on board governance? What strategies will you use to be a productive member of the board?

3)    The school board has the responsibility of approving the district budget. How would you propose holding the district administration accountable for strategic resource management?

4)    Do you support Amendment 66 on the ballot this fall? If so, what will you do to support its passage? If no, will you campaign actively against the measure?

See who we've endorsed for this year's Denver school board election and learn how we made our endorsements.



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