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Colorado Staff

Yunuen Cisneros

Parent Organizer

Yunuen is originally from Mexico City, Mexico where she was educated by American nuns at Colegio Guadalupe. It was there that she learned English and began to engage in community service. She went on to attend the School of Political and Social Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where she studied International Relations.

Yunuen moved to Denver with her family. As she began to search for good schools for her two daughters she learned about the achievement gap.  It was then that she made a promise to make sure her daughters wouldn’t be part of those statistics.  Yunuen volunteered for 15 years in the schools that her girls attended and learned to advocate for them and began to help other immigrant moms.  Her hard work paid off and now her oldest is attending a University in Missouri and the youngest is a high school senior and looking to attend a college in California.

At Stand for Children Colorado, Yunuen is a parent organizer. Her passion is sharing her story and helping other parents learn how to support their kids and break the cycles of poverty though education.

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