Women's History Month: Family Interview

Current Events & News | 03/14/2019

Eura Chang
Parent Educator

Welcome to Week 4 of Women’s History Month! To find activities from previous weeks, check out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. 

History isn’t always about the big names. In fact, we think the history of people whose names aren’t in text books are just as important and impactful to our lives today. Women every single day are making history, whether or not we’re always aware of it. 

This week, we encourage you and your child to seek out the women’s history that exists in your family! Reach out to a grandmother, aunt, or cousin and learn more about their story and life. We’ve created an easy question guide with some suggestions for activities you and your child can do after the interview. Check it out here. We hope your family learns something surprising and inspiring.

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