Women's History Month: Colorado Trailblazers

Current Events & News | 03/14/2019

Eura Chang
Parent Educator

Welcome to Week 3 of Women’s History Month! To find activities from previous weeks, check out Week 1 and Week 2

This week, we’re zooming in on our great state of Colorado and the women who have helped make our home what it is today. From a tradition-preserving artisan to a precedent-setting engineer, these women embody a tradition of innovation and nonconformity that continues into the present. 

By using our map, you can discover the regions and stories of these women. Zoom in and out on the state of Colorado and click on the red stars to see more information. Allow your child to take explore and dig deeper by using the “Learn More” links in each description box. Challenge your family to seek out the history of women in your community!


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