Current Events & News | 10/12/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

Election season is here! While most of us are eagerly reading about the many candidates, ballot measures, and amendments on the ballot this year, we think it's also important to take the time to consider the importance of the act of voting itself. 

The Stand Colorado team recently shared some of their thoughts on why they vote. We hope their reasons will inspire you to think of your own and to encourage your friends & family to fulfill their duty to participate in our democracy!

Curley, Videographer - I vote because I care about what happens to us and to our country. It’s important to vote because the more of us participate, the more valid the results will be. We ALL need to vote.

Krista, Executive Director - I vote because these candidates will be making policies that affect generations to come and I want to make sure they are policies that promote equity and justice for all humans.  

Ivana, Parent Organizer - I vote because it is the most basic right we have as citizens to be able to shape this country to what we want it to be. It's important to vote because it is the best way to fix things in the community you want to see change. We need to elect better people and better laws into place - the way to do that is to educate yourself about the candidate and initiatives and vote for the ones that align with your values. 

Eura, State Operations Coordinator - I vote because there are so many people in our country like undocumented immigrants, folks who are incarcerated and/or previously incarcerated, people inhibited by restrictive voter I.D. laws, etc who are affected deeply by the decisions that elected officials at all levels make. I vote to defend their rights and the rights of other silenced, marginalized, and oppressed groups. 

Amy, Government Affairs Director – I vote because our foremothers fought for my right to vote and I take that responsibility. It’s important to vote because while it feels as though we are falling further and further from a true democracy, it’s still of vital importance that our elected representatives hear our voices.

Danielle, State Organizing Director – I vote because as much as it is a right, voting is a responsibility. I take seriously the duty of electing candidates who will make the right decisions to ensure we live in a just, free and prosperous community and who will truly be champions for the people they’ll serve. 

Colorado ballots are getting mailed out next week! Keep checking your mailbox.


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