What's your Message to the New DPS Board?

Access to High-Quality Schools, Elections | 11/08/2019

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

You have probably heard by now that Denver Public Schools has three new members on the Board of Education: Tay Anderson, Scott Baldermann, and Brad Laurvick.

We've been communicating with you a lot about the leaders we were championing this election after the parents on our endorsement committee selected: Alexis Menocal Harrigan, Diana Romero Campbell, and Tony Curcio. While this was not the outcome we have been working toward we congratulate Tay, Scott, and Brad and look forward to working with them. 

What's Your Message to the New School Board?

Now it is time for everyone to come together around what’s best for our students. Denver has made a lot of progress over last several years, but there is a great deal of work to be done to close achievement and opportunity gaps and improve outcomes for our students who are falling the furthest behind.  We want to hear from you about what you would like to see the new school board prioritize so we can carry that message when we meet with them.


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