What Info Do You Need to Know About Schools?

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement, School Funding | 06/24/2020

Danielle DeSantis
State Organizing Director

Denver Public Schools wanted to reimagine the School Performance Framework (SPF)—a tool that was both an important resource for families and flawed. In order to do so, they brought together a committee of stakeholders—principals, parents and teachers—who spent months trying to come up with recommendations on how to improve the SPF. Throughout that process, parent leaders that work with Stand for Children pushed for the engagement of even more community members. Ultimately – the Committee created three recommendations. You can read them here.

As we have all along, we want to understand what the community thinks. Will you share your thoughts with us? 

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But now, the school board may not support all three of the recommendations this committee crafted. While there seems to be consensus around moving to the state framework, some board members do not see the need for recommendations two and three.

So, we’re asking you. Take a look at the recommendation and let us know—would you use a dashboard?  What information would you want to see?


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