This Week at the Capitol

Legislation | 05/17/2020

Amy Pitlik
Government Affairs Director

This week we are sharing key updates around legislative activity at the Capitol.

Legislative Update

On Tuesday, lawmakers heard an updated economic forecast, which painted a much grimmer picture than previously shared. Last week, the Joint Budget Committee began making significant cuts, but the new forecast means that delayed decisions, in many cases to protect education funding, will be back on the table.

Moving forward lawmakers will make considerations around making across the board reductions in education funding, shifting components of the school finance formula, and substantial programmatic cuts like full-day kindergarten.

Our Take

With an understanding that K-12 education funding is going to be severely impacted in the coming years, Stand is committed to advocating for financial decisions that will protect equity. We will continue to elevate the importance, now more than ever, of allocated literacy funding and fully funded kindergarten to support students and families across the state.

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