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Current Events & News | 10/17/2018

Amy Pitlik
Government Affairs Director

We trust our parent leaders to make sound and thoughtful decisions when it comes to the future of their children. That’s why we asked a committee of our parent members to lead the endorsement process for this year’s elections. They read candidate platforms, amendments, and ballot measures through the lens of wanting a high-quality education for their kids and picked education champions they believed in. 

Mid-term elections are an exciting time to participate in our democracy. We hope that, among other things, you'll prioritize improving education for our state's kids by voting for Stand parent-endorsed candidates and ballot measures. Find the Education Champions who will be on your ballot at


Jared Polis for Governor

Amendment 73

State Board of Education:

Dr. Angelika Schroeder (CD-2)

State Senate:

SD-5 Sen. Kerry Donovan
SD-9 Rep. Paul Lundeen
SD-22 Rep. Brittany Pettersen
SD-24 Rep. Faith Winter

State House:

HD-1 Rep. Susan Lontine
HD-2: Rep. Alec Garnett
HD-3: Jeff Bridges
HD-5: Alex Valdez
HD-6: Rep. Chris Hansen
HD-7: Rep. James Coleman
HD-8: Rep. Leslie Herod

HD-17: Rep. Tony Exum
HD-22: Colin Larson
HD-28: Kerry Tipper
HD-30: Rep. Dafna Michaelson-Jenet
HD-31: Dr. Yadira Caraveo
HD-33: Rep. Matt Gray
HD-35: Shannon Bird
HD-40: Rep. Janet Buckner
HD-60: Rep. Jim Wilson
HD-61: Julie McCluskie

Denver Ballot Initiatives

Initiative 300: Prosperity Denver

Initiative 301: Caring 4 Denver


If you are interested in helping us elect Education Champions to office, please consider donating to our elections fund

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